The Quadreria Project

The opening of the Palazzo and the Quadreria di Palazzo Magnani, by the Foundazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna (the Del Monte Foundation for Bologna and Ravenna) and by UniCredit, represents the realisation of a project of great importance. Thanks to a close collaboration between these two parties, the doors have been opened to a treasure which is still relatively unknown, integrating this project – which is something more than just an artistic one – into the city of Bologna and its thick network of connections.

The enhancement of the Palazzo and the Quadreria is of great importance in itself but is also a starting point for creating, alongside the various elements comprising the city, a location in which collaboration takes on a material form; namely collaboration with the University, with the Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts), with musical and cultural institutions and with businesses – a collaboration which is open to anyone who would like to contribute to this new narrative.

Palazzo Magnani and its Quadreria will be a new, important part of the fabric of widespread beauty which characterises Bologna, with its art locations and the network of connections that they create. This itinerary includes the whole of Via Zamboni, where some of the city’s most important locations for art and culture can be found.

But this is more than just an opportunity for the city: it is also a symbolic opening and a renewal for UniCredit and the Fondazione del Monte which, in this time of major economic and social change, are also redefining their own identity.

By its very nature, the project is of international relevance as are the works exhibited, in particular the Carracci fresco. They will be accessible not only to academics but also to visitors from around the world and will be connected in every possible way, even digitally, to the world’s major international museums, thereby promoting a dialogue between the old and the contemporary.

Giusella Finocchiaro
Chairman Fondazione del Monte

Giuseppe Vita
Chairman UniCredit