Ubaldo Gandolfi
(San Matteo della Decima 1728 – Ravenna 1781)

The Vision of St. Camillo de Lellis

Oil on canvas, 112.5 x 153 cm (44 x 60 inches)

Days of panic, a scramble to get away by whoever could escape, a man with a bundle under his arm wrapped around the things most dear to him, his glance backwards with the fear of being followed. This is how it must have been in those days in 1798 when religious orders were suppressed with an edict announced by trumpets and town criers and the convent of San Gregorio in Bologna was put up for auction. At least three metres high, the Ubaldo altarpiece did not get far and even survived a few months, but was then cut into pieces and the pieces thrown away. A sheet which escaped the raid bears witness to the altarpiece as a whole (Fig. 13); the lower part was sent to London thirty years ago (Fig. 14) whereas the upper part is housed in these rooms.

Fig. 13: Ubaldo Gandolfi, The Vision of St. Camillo de Lellis. Private collection.

Fig. 14: Ubaldo Gandolfi, Angel. Previously London, Matthiesen Gallery.