Lorenzo Sabatini
(Bologna 1530 – Roma 1576)

Mary Magdalene

Oil on canvas, 41 x 35 cm (16 x 14 inches)

«Quid ploras», «the angels asked the woman, why are you crying? » That waving, that Greek θρηνoς, that lament, as if that curious cherub peeking inside the ampule had opened up a Pandora’s box. «Tulerunt Dominum meum” replies Mary Magdalene (whose words are engraved on the stone of the sepulchre on which she sits, dirtying the brocade gown), “et nescio ubi posuerunt eum». Have no fear, «He precedes you in Galilea; he is there, you will see him. Halleluiah,» replies the choir in Mendelssohn’s motet in E minor (op. 39).