Alessandro Tiarini
(Bologna 1577 – 1668)

Adoration of the Shepherds

Oil on canvas, 98 x 78 cm (39 x 31 inches)

In the pitch black, the shepherds are arriving in Bethlehem guided by torches and candles and Joseph receives them in a makeshift shelter showing them where to look. The outline to follow was drawn on paper (Fig. 15) and little or nothing is different in the later small canvas, save the infant who, in colour, turns his face away from his mother towards the two Angels at the foot of the cot. We are in the third decade of the 17th century, but Tiarini seems to go back by almost a century, seduced more by Venice and the fascination of Tintoretto than by Rome and its charms.

Fig. 15: Alessandro Tiarini, Adoration of the Shepherds. Previously Bologna, private collection.